This month’s feature is Erin Knabe.  Erin is a former Pole Vaulter for Penn State University.  Erin has a background in dance and gymnastics. Erin cheered for Cheer Academy in New Jersey for many years, reaching a level 5 before she switched gears and starting running track in high school.  On the track is where she discovered Pole Vaulting and realized she had a passion for it.  While Erin was reaching her goals in Pole Vaulting, the Exero™ System was just a prototype.  

Erin worked out with the Exero™ System, gaining the strength she needed to improve her swing.  Erin needed to strengthen her abdominals and back muscles.  She needed to get them to fire up together, all while keeping her flexibility to achieve the optimum swing in her vault.  This would allow her lower body to be vertical; the more vertical a Pole Vaulter’s body gets during the jump, the higher the bar is that he or she can clear.  She was able to copy this swinging motion by attaching her feet to the foot straps, lying on her back facing away from the Exero™ System, and using the leg springs.  Once Erin started to Pole Vault for Penn State University, she would make it a point to come back to New Jersey as often as possible to work out on the Exero™ System.

“The Exero™ System helped me, especially when my back was tired from overuse.  I would take advantage of the Yoga Flow moves and the Tai Chi exercises to help keep my balance.  I really appreciate the diversity of this machine.”


Erin has graduated from Penn State University and moved on from Pole Vaulting, but still remains an advocate for and frequent user of the Exero™ System.


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